Construction is an industry that’s continuously changing and shifting after existing for thousands of years. From the way we build to the materials we use, innovations can always be added to make things better and stronger.

These are some of the most innovative and exciting materials for new commercial construction: consider adding them to some of your future projects.

Mass Timber

Mass timber is the newest category of wood product that aims to revolutionize how we view building materials. From its awesome strength and stability to its low-carbon rating compared to concrete and steel, it allows the structure of a commercial building to be sturdier and able to take on more than you’d expect. Although the price for mass timber is still high since it’s so new to the game, it’s expected to go down in price as it becomes more common: which is awesome for everyone.

pre-engineered steel buildings

Steel is one of the darlings of commercial construction: so pre-engineered steel buildings allow a seamless project to be built faster and closer to the original specs than ever before. Pre-engineered steel buildings are an awesome solution for companies and customers alike and offer something that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise. With easy transport, easy setup, fewer costs, and better results, this is a must for any project that could use it.

Insulated roof panels

Insulation is vital for so many parts of a building. In the roof, it helps regulate the temperature of the building, stopping heat or cold from blowing up the electricity bills. This is especially important in a commercial building since insulated roof panels can have a hand in changing the entire company’s budget to put money back into the hands of both the clients and the owners of the company.

Precast Concrete

If you want to save money on a project your company is working on while also cutting down on the time you have to spend on-site, it’s time to look into precast concrete. No waiting for it to set, no trying to align the stars for perfect concrete on every pour; precast concrete ensures you know what to expect every single time. This is an awesome tool for any construction team and project.

Salvage Materials

In today’s customer climate, many companies are moving towards green and eco-friendly building practices. Because of this, salvaged or reclaimed materials are becoming incredibly popular. These recycled materials allow you to use materials like wood or metal that were taken from a building that was deconstructed instead of demolished and put to use after they’ve been tested for strength or reformed into new materials that allow their raw ingredient to continue to be used in buildings. Although this isn’t a necessity in any building, it’s an awesome perk.

Aerial Drones

Drones may surprise many who have been in the game for their whole life, but they bring a lot to the job site that can help anyone. Aerial drones can take photos to collect and measure spaces and can take fantastic status pictures to show clients how their projects are going so far. These are generally inexpensive, easy to find, and can do so much for a project that is impossible with just owning a camera phone.

Architectural Grilles

Suppose you want a building to have better heating and cooling that evenly covers rooms and large spaces: it’s time to look into architectural grilles. These awesome tools can make any space have a better airflow, can ensure a building looks clean and streamlined, and allows the passage of heated or cooled air into interior spaces in a seamless way. These create rooms that have a custom look while always staying at the exact temperature you’re aiming for.

insulated metal panels

Insulation is one of the most important parts of any project. Beyond insulated roof panels, insulated metal panels are another fantastic item to include in any commercial building material project. These panels work well for both roofs and walls and are recognized for fantastic thermal properties, their ability to work with countless designs, quick installation time, and gorgeous looks that allow any project to look perfectly designed. The mix of usefulness with attractiveness is awesome for any company to offer their customers.

self-healing materials

Self-healing materials like bio-concrete have been a piece of science fiction for over eighty years, yet within the last ten years, it’s been finally getting put into practice in the real world. Concrete can crack from settling, ground disturbances, and other issues: by having self-healing concrete and other materials like it, your property will continue to sit strong, allowing any commercial construction to last far longer and be less prone to risk.

Every project can bring something new to the table

Whether you’ve worked in construction for your whole life, or you’re considering adding things to your new business, consider some of these awesome materials. Trying changes like these can keep your business cutting edge.

Brian Jeffries is the content director for the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.