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Friday, January 28th, 2022

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Douglas County High Schools Closing the Workforce Skills Gap with YouScience Thanks to Sponsor Donations

Caliber 1 Construction, Southern A&E, GreyStone Power and R. K. Redding Construction to provide The YouScience Profile to over 4,000 county students

Pictured, from left, Jeff Morris, district 5 school board member; Timothy Hill, director, Caliber 1 Construction; Douglas County Schools Superintendent Gordon Pritz; Randall Redding, CEO and President, R.K. Redding Construction; Stephen McCune, CEO, Southern A&E; D.T. Jackson, school board chairman; Carol Lindstrom, district 1 school board member; Michelle Simmons, district 4 school board member, and Phillip Hardin, CEO of YouScience.

High school sophomores and juniors in the Douglas County School District will have an opportunity to take the YouScience student profile thanks to generous donations from Caliber 1 Construction, Southern A&E, GreyStone Power Corporation and R. K. Redding Construction (RKR). The YouScience profile uses "brain games" to capture real measures of aptitudes, which are the natural abilities most important to career choice. Through a scientific algorithm, students are given a personalized match with their best-fit careers, allowing students to expand their vision of opportunity.

"We are excited about helping students find their career path quicker through our YouScience sponsorship," said Chris Elliott, CEO of Caliber 1 Construction. "In addition to helping build a larger, more diverse workforce for our industry, these results will benefit any industry that is facing a critical labor shortage."

The Metro Atlanta Chamber recently released an Accenture study that discovered a gap between education and workforce skills. YouScience addresses many of the recommendations made in this report by providing personal insight and market information that allows students to connect education with career options. By using the student's own portfolio of talents as a basis for career recommendations, they gain the confidence needed to succeed in a potential career.

YouScience gives students personal insight, career recommendations and market information all in a single online location. Students then have the opportunity to work with their counselor at school or their parents at home to develop a more focused post-secondary education and skill development path into a successful high-growth industry career.

"Workforce development is essential to our district to help us fulfill our vision of building a community of productive citizens," said Douglas County School System Superintendent Dr. Gordon Pritz. "YouScience will help our students expand their vision of opportunities by uncovering their natural abilities and aptitudes then aligning their educational pursuits with high demand careers that best fit their talents and interests."

The YouScience profile allows students to discover the intersection of their aptitudes, interests and career opportunities and confidently set a direction for education and career success.

"Solving the skills gap problem starts with giving students the necessary self-discovery and career exploration tools as the time they are making critical decisions for their education and career," said Philip Hardin, CEO of YouScience. "Leaders such as Superintendent Pritz, sponsors such as Caliber 1 Construction and public servants such as Senator Lindsey Tippins have been actively engaged in working with YouScience to improve student success and ensure productive workforce opportunities in Georgia industry."

The five Douglas County School District high schools include: Alexander High School, Chapel Hill High School, Douglas County High School, Lithia Springs High School and New Manchester High School, as well as a College & Career Institute and Performance Learning Center.

For more information, please visit YouScience at, Caliber 1 Construction at, Southern A&E at, GreyStone Power at, R.K. Redding Construction at and Douglas County Schools at

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